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Gutlee Updates

Sanjay Mishra starrer 'Guthlee' to be based on the unfair casteism and its repercussions on the underprivileged of society. Here is a look at the details.

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‘Guthlee’ Deals With Casteism

We as a country have definitely moved forward in terms of science, technology and development and the changes are visible for all to see.

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Guthlee is a movie directed by Ishrat R Khan featuring Sanjay Mishra, Kalyanee Mulay.

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Nirdosh story

Shinaya Grover (Manjari Fadnis), an extremely noble-hearted television journalist, is arrested for a murder. Investigating police officer Lokhande (Arbaaz Khan) interrogates her.

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About Nirdosh

Nirdosh was released on Jan 19, 2018 and was directed by Subroto Paul and Pradeep Rangwani .

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Nirdosh review

Starring Arbaaz Khan and Manjari Phadnis, this murder mystery is insufferable throughout.

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